Nick Flippers – 11/23/2020 – 11:35pm

Ever since the worst Super Bowl of my lifetime—the Pats/Rams low scoring shit show—I’ve been careful to take the Rams seriously. Now it’s been a while since that dreadful Sunday night, and the rematch that no one asked for is being played around the country. Here’s what I’ll say about it:

These QBs are fucking washed.

Goddamn, these dudes used to be the studs of the league, and now they’re missing open targets, fumbling snaps, throws interceptions to people with less than 10 fingers! I mean...what!? Not to mention Ronald Jones must have saved a lot of frequent-flier miles because that dude went on fucking vacation this game. Here’s a quick scenario: If you start Ronald Jones on your fantasy team, it is guaranteed the dude will have an early retirement. 

(I started him)

All of this being said (i.e., these QBs are washed as hell and Brady just loving to throw absolute ducks to the other team) the game was enjoyable to watch—mostly because it was close, but also because I bet the Rams moneyline. I mean, it’s always fun to win money, but honestly winning like this felt gross as hell. These QBs are just dying to turn the ball over. Brady and Goff must have placed a side bet to see which guy could throw more interceptions. 

It honestly sucks to see Tom Brady not come back to win the game—it’s just what football has become since he’s been in the league; Tom’s down with 3:00 mins to go, don’t worry, he’ll pull this shit off. But I guess those days have passed. Nobody likes to see a game end that anticlimactically, even when you got some dough on the line. It just isn’t what football is about.

Granted, if I had lost the bet, I’d be too upset to talk about the ins and outs of the game, so maybe I’m just privileged because I banked on Sean McVay. Fun fact about McVay and the Rams:

When leading at half Sean McVay is now 32-0. Even against Tom Brady that stat held true. And you know that means it’s a damn good stat.