TY 4 Nuthin’

-Nick Flippers-

The Colts look good; nothing crazy—they’re no Peyton Colts, but they’re definitely something to watch out for. Their run game is strong, Philip Rivers is still refraining from swearing, using terms such as “Dangnabit!” instead of just saying “Damn It!” 

It’s like...just say “Fuck!” It won’t hurt you—you can even say it quietly so the mics don’t pick it up. Seriously, Philip has got to stop being such a pussy and just curse like a normal human being. 

Fortunately, tonight, there was no real reason to use god’s name in vain; the Colts were working in perfect harmony, putting up 34 points and doubling the Titans 17. Honestly, that hurt a bit because I had the Titans (+1)…but I had a unit on the over so it’s a wash at the end of the day. What I’m really here to talk about is a serious problem growing within the Colts organization. 

Where is TY fucking Hilton!!!???

I haven’t started the dude in my fantasy league in forever because he’s just not performing, but according to my sources (i.e., the people who send me stats that make you say WTF!) Ty Hilton hasn’t had a 100+ yard game SINCE DECEMBER OF 2018!!!

What the fuck!?

His last 100+ yard game was against the New York Giants in 2018—that’s 20 straight games! That is not very good—that is goddamn embarrassing if I’m being honest! The last time TY broke 100 yards I was still a virgin living in my parents basement. Now it’s 2020 and I still am those things—but, either way, the point is...

Is TY Hilton washed? Or is he just not getting utilized? 

Maybe it’s both and maybe it’s injuries—who am I to give answers to the questions I pose? I just address the issues to shed light on weird ass shit going on in the NFL. The question that needs to be asked is: Will TY break 100 yards before he retires? Honestly, at this rate, I don’t think so. In my opinion, TY will just become more and more obsolete in the Colts offense with good rookie WR coming up in the roster. And with the Colts running game (Hines and Tayler [Mack]) there is a chance that Frank Reich just tells Philip to hand the ball off every play. Maybe Franky will just take the offense in the running direction and hammer the ball down opponents throats—I don’t know. I’m just a blogger. I’m not an analyst.  

Nonetheless…TY Hilton…thanks for nothing.