Too Early For Tua Time

Nick Flippers – 10/20/2020 – 7:46pm

The Twittersphere was buzzing today with news that former Alabama superstar and current Miami Dolphin, Tua Tagovailoa will be granted the starting quarterback position for the upcoming game against the Rams. Nothing like having your first start in the NFL be against Aaron Donald. That’s enough to make the bravest men dookie in their pants. However, this is far from the issue at hand; the real problem with Tua starting is that this decision might be coming too early. 

What was the problem if Fitzmagic; the guy is a Harvard Graduate with a beard fit for a pornstar. Why is he being thrown on the back burner. Now, obviously we all want to see Tua play, but what move is Brian Flores making? Even if Tua is ready to come in, you can’t just take Fitzmagic out when he’s performing well. That shit isn’t right. When someone is hot from three, you keep dishing them the ball until they miss. 

(It’s called a heat check dumbass!)

Right now, the Miami Dolphins are playing fine under Brian Fitzpatrick so this move to switch him out for Tua is juts to premature. It’s risky. There’s really no need for the Dolphins to do this, unless their trying to farm out Fitzmagic to some team that still doesn’t have a quarterback (The Washington Football Team) there is no reason why Fitzpatrick shouldn’t be starting QB coming out of the bye. It’s downright foolish and it’s downright disrespectful to that hunk of a man. 

The Dolphins have lost three games this year: Patriots, Bills, Seahawks. Honestly for the Dolphins those games aren’t even considered losses. Other than that, they shit on the Jags, Jets, and 49ers. Now, is there any chance that the Dolphins can win the division? 

Hell yes there’s a chance. Not likely, but there is a chance. If you let Fitzmagic do his sorcery. There schedule coming up looks like this:

Rams – (W)

Chargers – (W) 

Jets – (W)

Chiefs – (L)

Raiders – (L)

Cardinals – (L)

Broncos – (W)

Bengals – (W)

Patriots – (W)

Bills – (L)

If Flores leaves Fitzmagic in, and he continues to play like he is right now, the Dolphins could finish at 9-7. That may not be enough to win the division but they can possibly make the wildcard so the question is this:

Is Flores trying to tank the Dolphins? Is that why he’s letting Tua loose? Or is he just trying to see how the kid can play? Whatever his reason is, I think it’s very risky to take Fitzmagic out especially when the Dolphins haven’t looked this good in a damn long time.