Shit Show

Nick Flippers – 11/1/2020 – 5:01pm

Even without OBJ the Browns find a way to get shit on. Honestly, it’s just one of those games where you just thank the man above that there’s Redzone. Imagine, for a second, your find yourself in Cleveland, Ohio. If it was before the year 2009, you’d probably have to watch the game on, and if it was this game? Holy shit that would suck.

Thank god we have Redzone.

When Scott Hanson would cut back every now and then to the Raiders vs. Browns game I honestly thought he was about to show a replay or something. The score was just so low and not changing, I assumed every time Redzone decided to give the Browns some airtime it was only because a crazy play had just happened. As it turns out, part of Redzone’s shtick (if you didn’t know, somehow) is to show teams in the Redzone so it wasn’t like NFL network was trying to force feed me complete crap, they just gotta’ do what they gotta’ do.

Leading the Browns, Baker has only scored below 7 points 3 times in his three years in the league. However, the two times he scored below 7, the opposing team at least scored +20. At least it would have been a more entertaining game, but holy shit! What a dud. Being a Browns fan is already the fan-equivalent of Chinese water torture, but to watch your team lose 16-6? Against the fucking raiders? Just break the TV at that point.

With OBJ being out, all the stats were pointing to Baker playing well, however there really is a reliable image that helps explain Baker Mayfield’s constant fuckery.