NFL Players Need To Understand Sports Betting

Nick Flippers – 11/15/2020 – 8:16pm

Before I get into how angry I am at NFL players for not caring about the people in this world that really matter (people who gamble on sports) I have to just express my amazement at the Arizona v. Buffalo ending. Holy shit I haven’t seen a play like that in a while. There’s a reason they call it a “Hail Mary.” Because it’s fucking prayer—sorry religious people for cursing when talking about prayer, but I just had to say it.

Now, I had the Bills moneyline so I was pretty pissed, but what really pissed me off, was that fucking knee. I get that professional athletes have a job to do, and games to win, but I don’t think these people understand how big of assholes they’re being when they do shit like that. The Cardinals were -3 and Kyler took a knee like he was praying (probably thanking the one above for that catch) and ended the game without covering. 

That shit pisses me off. So many people aren’t going to be able to get Christmas presents for their children because they bet the house on the Cardinals -3. The only way to justify this action is to say that the Cardinals were afraid to pull an Atlanta Falcons and somehow blow that shit, but why don’t understand is why not just kick the goddamn field goal!? 

Like what’s the chances the Bills block the field goal and return it? Less then .0000001? Probably less then that—I mean, what a douche bag move by Kyler Murray. After that incredible throw to his main man Deondre Hopkins, he had to be the biggest pussy of all time and kneel a 2-point conversion attempt. Just get your boy Zane to kick that shit in—what’s the worst? You lose? Yeah, that is the worst but it isn’t very likely you big oaf. 

Jesus, that shit makes me pissed.



Don’t even get me started on Nick Chubb. The Browns were up by a field goal, and if Chubb scores the game is still basically over. Yeah, I get it, he didn’t want to pull a Todd Gurley, but seriously Nicky, just think of all the fantasy managers you’re bending over the barrel! Think of the -3.5 spread that the Browns had! Think of the Children, Chubb—you Chubby asshole!

Anyways…lost my cool there for a second, but only because I care for the people out there that throw down their rent checks on sports game that they can’t effect. In any way. Like, you can’t do anything to change the outcome of a game, but for some reason we believe we can beat boys out in Vegas. I believe it! I really do…I’m not trying to get banned on Twitter again so let me just keep this clean:

Fuck you Kyler and fuck you Chubb!