“Figgity, Figgity, Fogged Up!” -Andy Reid’s Facemask

Nick Flippers – 10/19/2020 –9:13pm

If you have any money lying around, I would strongly advise finding your local bank and opening an account of some kind; either a savings or checking account—it doesn’t matter. Now, don’t get this twisted. This blog is not any kind of financial advice. I just want to make that clear. 

Once you’ve safely taken all of your spare change and placed it safely in your savings/checking account, you need to hop on your sports betting app (if your old school like me you still got a bookie) and put ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON THE CHIEFS WINNING THE SUPER BOWL! 

I know the odds aren’t good, but its basically the safest bet you can make. It’s not about wins and losses at this point—the loss to the Raiders doesn’t negate one simple thing about the Kansas City Chiefs: They are the complete football package.

At every position they have a threat. Tyreek Hill at WR; Kelce at TE; Edwards-Helaire at RB; Le’Veon Bell at RB; and last but certainly not least…Patrick Mahomes at QB. Now, this would be enough for any fan to cream their pants at the sight of that team, but you put Andy Reid in the control room—calling the plays? Holy shit how can they not win. Patrick Mahomes is already seen as a generation player; he’s incredible at every facet of the game. He can run, he can pass, he can get engaged to bangin’ chicks—then get them knocked up

And to all of you haters, talking shit about his brother Jackson Mahomes, I just have one thing to say to you: you’re just jealous of how he throws it back. I don’t want to get sidetracked, but the dude has got moves; I don’t even have the Tik Tok app and somehow Jackson Mahomes still finds his way into my dreams like a flamboyant Freddy Krugar. 


To quote Dave Portnoy, when he’s sucking the dick of Penn National Gambling, “I am not a stock advisor.” I am not advising you on how to distribute your funds, but if you have any kind of brain up in that head of yours, bet the house on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl.

“Be Smart, don’t be a…”