Dear Todd Gurley

Nick Flippers – 10/29/2020 – 1:00am

So I’m up late watching It’s Always Sunny. And I’m checking the upcoming spreads, I’m checking my fantasy football lineups—I’m making some Draft Kings lineups—basically just doing normal, gambling-addict type shit, you know? As I’m doing all of this I see all these Tweets going around about how Matt Ryan specifically warned Todd Gurley not to score that TD against the Lions. 

I saw it earlier today, but I got to thinking about the whole situation and I just wanted to give me 2 cents in the form of a letter:


Dear Todd,

For starters, last game was just one of those things; Matt told you not to score, and I guess you forgot. We can’t put all the blame on you because our defense could’ve had something to say about Stafford. That being said Todd, you probably should have just went down and I can’t imagine how hard it would have been—I mean, Matt just fucking told you to not score. Now, people have been putting on their tin foil hats and saying that you have an incentive in your contract on scoring touchdowns and that’s the reason why you scored. That it wasn’t an accident—that you really just cared about the money. If that’s true, that’s totally fucked, so I think it would be nice if you came out on Twitter (you could even tweet at me @Nick_Flippers) and publicly explained the situation. It would just be the right thing to do for the fans. Anyways, good luck on the game against Carolina—go run that shit down they throats!

--Dirty Bird Fan, Nick Flippers Esq.