Bye-Bye Coach Birdie: Dan Quinn Forced To Fly The Coup

Nick Flippers – 10/12/2020 – 1:25 PM

Being a Falcons fan is very tough; I remember crying my eyes out at the end of that Superbowl, wiping my eyes with barbecue sauce-covered fingers, after watching my team blow a 28-3 lead in the second half, so hearing the news that Dan Quinn was booted following that pathetic loss to a McCaffery-less, Carolina Panthers team, I was ecstatic. 

It is the dawn of a new day!

For too long, I have watched an incredible offense act useless against inferior opponents. I’ve watched massive leads get blown in the second half. I’ve watched—I think my credentials are good enough, you get the point. Let me just paint the picture of the Atlanta Falcons with Dan Quinn behind the steering wheel.

In 2015, Dan Quinn was appointed head coach. We went 8-8 in his first year. Not the best start, but everyone has to get adjusted—maybe next year will be the year. Well, it almost was.

In 2016 we fucking made it. At 11-5 we won two playoff games and faced off against one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time. The New England Patriots, with Bill and Tom running the show. At halftime we were up 28-3.

WE WERE UP 28-3!

It was over. And somehow the Dirty Birds lost it. Now, in all fairness, following that disgusting performance in the second half of the Superbowl, Dan Quinn’s career was already toast. 2017 season we lost to the goddamn eagles. For the next two seasons we finished 7-9. Dan Quinn had to go then, but Arthur Blank let him stay for 2020. 


Arthur Blank: “Get the fuck outta Atlanta, bitch!”

Now let me speak from the heart for a second; part of being a fan is finding your scapegoat. Every fanbase needs someone to throw the blame on—someone to shit on when things go south. For us, in Atlanta it’s been Dan Quinn since 2017. But, now that Danny Boy is gone, it’s time to start looking at Matt Ryan with a little more scrutiny. He’s still a great QB, but with the offense we have right now, is he really the right guy? I’ve always said Atlanta needs a running QB—we need a Michael Vick who loves dogs. We need a guy that can get out of the pocket if he needs to and throw it to our weapons. And honestly, from the bottom of my heart, we need a better looking QB. 

(Trevor Lawrence?)

Is it too late for the Dirty Birds. That’s the thing, I still have faith in this team—call me crazy, but I think we can still win the division. We got some easy games coming up and now is the time to dial it in.