Bitch Trubisky

Nick Flippers – 11/29/2020 – 11:35pm

Well, Mitch Trubisky is back. He’s not very good, the Bears as a team are not very good, and the rivalry between the Bears and Packers is very one-sided. Being a Bear fan these days is like wearing a shock collar around your ball sack. It was honestly hard to take the game seriously when the game was over right at the start.

I’ll admit, when I saw a video on Twitter showing Mitch hyping up the Bears before the game, I was pretty hyped myself. Then the game started and I remembered who Mitch Trubisky was. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the turnovers the game may have been closer, but with regards to the Bears, asking their QBs to not turn the ball over is like asking an actual bear to read this blog.

Honestly, I saw someone talking about how if the Bears had a different (i.e., decent) quarterback, they’d have a lot more threats. Their receiving core is young and good. Allen Robinson is a stud. So it really is very depressing watching Mitch chuck the ball to the wrong team instead of to his very talented teammates. I think we’d all like to see A-Rob on a team like the Chiefs where they actually utilize their talent.

What’s even worse is that Mitch kind of turned on the jets towards the end of the game. So maybe I’m calling him a bitch too soon. I don’t think I am, but maybe Mitch isn’t so fucking terrible.

On the other side of the ball, I’m still not convinced that the Packers are really such a threat. This may seem like a freezing cold take, but I think it’s piping hot. Aaron Rodgers/Devante Adams are insane—like a constant highlight reel, but I also think that the Packers just won’t make it far in the postseason. I’ve just seen too much football and I can remember the Packers looking legit until the season ended. My guess, is they lose in the first round to some scrub team making everyone who thought they were the one, feel like a bag of dogshit.

My prediction is Chiefs v. Saints (if Brees gets healthy) and I’ll take the Chiefs every day of the week.